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"Argentium saves our business time and offers a competitive edge in today's commercial marketplace."

Eternal Silver London

Argentium is a superior silver with a wide range of beneficial attributes for manufacturers, retailers and consumers

Firestain free - does not require plating  |  Highly tarnish resistant  |  Beautiful bright-white colour

Can be heat-hardened at a low temperature  |  Hypoallergenic  |  Responsibly made from ethically sourced silver

Family of Argentium Silver alloys

Argentium 935 Pro (for investment casting)

Argentium 960 Pro (for investment casting)

Argentium 935 Millform (for mill product applications)

Argentium 960 Millform (for mill product applications)

Wide range of products available

Allied Gold Limited is delighted to offer a wide range of Argentium Silver products including grain, sheet, wire, chains, findings, solders and flux.  We also supply finished jewellery made in Argentium 960 Silver.

An Endorsement Brand

The Argentium trademarks certify products as premium quality, made in the finest silver. 

Argentium users are encouraged to use our Argentium trademarks (including the Winged Unicorn silver mark) and our marketing resources, to endorse the quality of their production and enhance their finished lines.

Become a registered user of the Argentium brand and trademarks.

Find out more at the

Argentium Silver official website.

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